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5 Ukrainian Worship Songs for War and Peace

In the midst of violent conflict, Christians in Ukraine are still declaring their God is “Mighty to Save.”

As the people of Ukraine face war, believers across the country, including many evangelicals, are still gathering to worship the Lord wherever they are.

In international news outlets, we’ve seen images and heard reports of people praying—huddled to intercede in town squares and underground bunkers—as well as finding refuge in churches, and singing in public places. Their perseverance in the midst of tribulation is a testimony to the power of prayer and praise in the darkest of times.

Since Ukraine’s independence in 1991, most Ukrainian worship music consisted of Western praise songs translated into Ukrainian. But as an American professor, missionary, and worship leader who makes regular teaching trips to Ukraine, I’m part of a rising movement encouraging the creation of original Ukrainian worship music—written by and for Ukrainians—including songs represented in this Spotify playlist.

My hope is that someday, Western Christians will start translating Ukrainian songs and singing them in English. As we gather in church this Sunday, let this be a reminder to “Pray for Ukraine.”

1. “God the Great One!” (Prayer for Ukraine)

This is the “national spiritual anthem” of Ukraine, МОЛИТВА ЗА УКРАЇНУ, a hymn that is familiar to most Ukrainians. This version has a video with views of many different parts of the nation. The English lyrics are as follows:

Lord, oh the Great and Almighty,
Protect our beloved Ukraine,
Bless her with freedom and light
Of your holy rays.With learning and knowledge enlighten
Us, your children small,
In love pure and everlasting
Let us, oh Lord, grow.We pray, oh Lord Almighty,
Protect our beloved Ukraine,
Grant our people and …

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