13 experts assess new survey conducted after Gaza conflict, which finds solidarity with the Jewish state but increasing preference for Palestinians among younger and non-white evangelicals. In the public spat between Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, who would American evangelicals support? A new survey suggests it might be the Israeli. Polled shortly after the Gaza war last May, it also reveals a substantial generational gap in level of support for Israel and a lack of impact by pastors from their pulpits. And it happens to release this week, following Trump’s explosive comments. In excerpts from a recently released interview, the…

In a move to quell fear and project leadership, Republicans and Democrats agreed on a plan to combat the coronavirus outbreak that triples the initial $2.5 billion budget outlined by the White House last week.

Why Moses struck out during spring training. Hope springs eternal every winter as baseball teams assemble in warmer climes to make ready for the long and glorious season some still call our national pastime. Baseball surely takes time, whether it be the interminable hours of a single game or the 162-game season itself. Still, I love baseball. I love the stats and the strategy. I love that failure is status quo (the best hitters still only manage success 3 times out of 10). I love the bursts of delirium amid all the tedium. And I love the peanuts and Cracker…

Senator Amy Klobuchar’s 11th-hour surge in New Hampshire suggests a desire for Midwestern values, pragmatism, and a sense of humor.

Every week for more than 30 years, he interpreted headlines in light of prophecy. Jack Van Impe, a popular televangelist and one of the world’s most well-known end times preachers, died at the age of 88. His passing was confirmed Saturday by Jack Van Impe Ministries International. Every week for more than 30 years, Van Impe appeared on TV as the host of his own half-hour show, Van Impe Presents, offering eschatological commentary on current events. Alongside his wife Rexella, Van Impe read the latest headlines and explained how they connected to prophecy about the Antichrist, one-world government, and the…

Michigan voters in Macomb County who supported President Donald Trump in 2016 are tiring of his Twitter wars and constant combativeness.

What are some of the signs that a church is growing lukewarm, much like the Laodicean Church did? Frog in a Pot A church doesn’t become lukewarm overnight. It takes year after year for this to… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Some lack assurance, some know they’re lost, but others are secure in Christ, so what are some biblical signs about having genuine, saving faith? Seasons of Doubt The trouble with having doubts is… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Jesus once outlined the signs to watch for that would indicate the end times are near. Recorded by Matthew (chapter 24), and known as the “little apocalypse,” there are at least eight dynamics that will come into play. And reading the list sounds like today’s newsfeed. I just know we’re closer to the end than any other era of Christians.

How can we identify if we are dating Mr. Wrong?