Just as Jesus’ baptism launched his public ministry, our own baptisms ordinate us to a life of humble obedience and costly service. All four Gospels tell the story of Jesus’ baptism, as if every reader needs to hear it. Jesus’ cousin John, outfitted in a garment made of camel’s hair and a rustic leather belt, has set up camp in an unmarked wilderness to preach and prophesy. Everyone comes out to listen: the pious and the profane. The bankrupt and the ruined. The broken and the eccentric. Religious misfits and spiritual castoffs. All get a dose of John’s caustic threats…

Slow in coming to minority firms, the government’s Paycheck Protection Program is now offering a lifeline. But for some, it may not tide them over.

In the face of staggering revenue losses and safety concerns, colleges and university are trying to figure out the post-coronavirus landscape. Private and public institutions are “trying to plan in an environment that almost defies planning,” said one official.

"Be Water" means adopt an attitude of adaptability. That was on display this weekend as protestors occupied and vacated five  Hong Kong neighborhoods.