Now begins the work of interpreting the messages voters sent, and what it means for U.S. politics and policy choices going forward.

Malawi holds its presidential election Tuesday. Amid COVID-19, questions of whether to postpone votes have mounted – especially in Africa.

For the second time, a court in Africa has annulled a presidential vote over anomalies. Judges with high civic principles may be crucial for democracy on the continent.

The Moscow protests show the political awakening of Russia’s professional class after being bluntly snubbed by Moscow city authorities.

Months of domestic unrest will crescendo Sunday when Albania holds municipal elections – or not. The opposition plans to boycott, and the president has said the vote is canceled. Meanwhile, the government remains committed to this important democratic test.

European elections’ biggest surprise was not the rise of the far-right, but that of the Greens, who seem to be riding a new European environmentalism.

The city of Leipzig is a crucible for liberal European values, but the populist AfD is expected to challenge here in EU parliamentary elections.

Guatemala has attempted to bolster accountability, tackling old civil war atrocities and recent corruption. But some ask if its gains are slipping.