When was the last time you laughed? How do you laugh? Well, if you are my wife, you have a deep laugh that leads to a snorting sound when trying to catch your breath. If you are my mom, you have a wheezing sound where air rushes out the mouth making it hard to catch your breath and respond in any way—and you’re left with stuttering sounds in between the wheezing. Honestly, both laughs are quite comical, which makes me laugh. I don’t mean to pick on two of my favorite women in the world, I only mean to use…

There is always more than meets the eye. Yet often we fail to realize this.

My father was a fighter pilot during World War II. A few years ago, he told me a story about his wartime experience that sent chills down my spine.

We sell God short when we expect too little of him.

Is your life “boring” right now as you work through the inane details of day to day living? Rejoice in knowing that God’s hand is at work even in these little things.

Clear out fear and worry of all kinds!

Jesus is going to the cross. Will you still follow him?