Within the parachurch ministry, critics allege its recent approach to diversity has relied on critical race theory and resulted in “mission drift.” The debate over critical race theory has landed at Cru, one of the country’s most prominent parachurch ministries, where a 179-page letter alleging an overemphasis on racial justice has exacerbated tensions that have been quietly brewing within the organization for years. Titled “Seeking Clarity and Unity,” the document was submitted to Cru president Steve Sellers in November 2020 and spread inside the organization before appearing online in May. Its authors, a grassroots group of Cru staff members, raise…

Lawmakers in Washington will have to agree on a $1.4 trillion spending bill to prevent a government shutdown by Dec. 11. But tensions remain between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell over the COVID-19 relief package.

James Shapiro’s latest book examines key moments in American history in light of the themes and rhetoric of Shakespeare’s plays.

The internal dispute over Turkey’s national identity explains the broad criticism of a new wave of educational reforms.