President Trump said Steve Linick, who has been the inspector general at the State Department since 2013, no longer had his full confidence.

A former staffer’s allegation that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her has forced Democrats to grapple with questions of double standards.

Political parties depend on big national conventions to rally supporters behind presidential candidates. The Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, postponed over coronavirus concerns, will now be held the week of Aug. 17.

Democrats look to the Michigan primary as a testing ground for November. Michigan’s “famed blue wall” voted Republican in 2016 and rank-and-file union members continue to support the president on social issues while top union leaders are backing Democrats.

Democrats have been counting on a sense of urgency to drive voters to the November polls. Could a “weary resignation” upend those aims?

Democratic prosecution began laying out their argument Wednesday against President Donald Trump in efforts to sway senators and the American public.

An under-the-radar select committee recommends practical changes that can improve the way government work.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has held a surprisingly durable lead. But one new poll this week shows Sen. Elizabeth Warren inching past Mr. Biden in the state.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg woos voters in six rural Iowa counties that voted for Barack Obama in 2012, but flipped to Donald Trump in 2016.

Candidates who fail to make the cut for the next debate have little reason to stay in the race. Several are being encouraged to consider Senate bids.

Five freshman women lawmakers in Congress have built an identity around moderation – adopting a nuts-and-bolts approach Democrats may need in 2020.

President Trump’s immigration policies are not popular with Florida Hispanics. But fears of socialism could put enough in his column to tip the state.

The two-night Democratic debates in Miami highlighted the divide between pragmatists and progressives. But offstage, there was more common ground.

President Trump is poised to boost tariffs on China. And in a rare bipartisan moment, top Democrats also call for a tough stance in trade talks.

Conor Lamb is a Marine, talks tough on crime, and sounds downright Republican on an issue like natural gas fracking — exactly the type of politician Democrats have traditionally turned to when contesting elections in deeply conservative areas. But the Democratic nominee in this right-leaning southwest Pennsylvania House district differs in at least one important way: He supports abortion rights…