As they navigate a pandemic, governors are seeing their popularity soar. Kentucky’s Andy Beshear is winning plaudits for a calm, pragmatic approach.

The presidential contenders are wooing religious voters. How do the faithful make sure God isn’t a political prop? Pastor Telley Gadson was the calm center of St. Mark United Methodist Church in Taylors, South Carolina, as the congregation prepared for a visit from Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and a North Carolina congressman who would speak on Biden’s behalf. The historic black church is known as the 9-1-1 because of its street address. And the church did seem like it was responding to a minor emergency Sunday morning as people rushed around to get ready. An usher burst into Gadson’s office…

Boris Johnson didn’t break any rules suspending Parliament in the Brexit fight. But the move reverberated widely because it was seen as unprecedented.

Sen. Kamala Harris seemed to be laying groundwork for a move to the middle Monday, unveiling a Medicare for All plan that includes private insurance.

Some Democratic hopefuls want to foreground their Christian faith in seeking the nomination, arguing Republicans should not have a monopoly on religion. 

Fixing the nation’s crumbling network of roads, bridges, and tunnels is one issue Republicans and Democrats can agree on. President Donald Trump will be sitting down with Democratic leaders this week to search for solutions amid competing priorities.