How polarizing narratives corrupt our hearts and redefine our faith. After touring the United States in the early 1830s, the French aristocrat Alexis de Tocqueville concluded that “the organization and establishment of democracy among Christians is the great political problem of our time.” Nearly two centuries later, the problem in the United States has evolved from establishing to sustaining democracy, but the underlying challenge for American Christians remains unchanged. As citizens of a democratic republic, we are called to think Christianly about democracy, respond rightly to it, and live faithfully within it. Among other things, this means figuring out what…

The Biden transition is now officially underway, but President Trump’s attempts to discredit the election pointed to cracks that need strengthening.

The unsung heroes of the election may be the local officials seeing the democratic process through. Many never imagined the pressure – or scrutiny.

The global experiment in expanding freedom isn’t over. What does the world need to learn? One idea that’s surfacing: the importance of responsibility.

Lazarus Chakwera became Malawi’s new president Sunday after months of street protests and a decision by the Constitutional Court for a new election.

When China’s final crackdown on the territory starts, democracies must step up to take in the political refugees. Taiwan has begun to lay out a welcome mat.

Coronavirus poses different challenges for democracies than for China, where COVID-19 began, as they balance public health with individual rights.

Latin America’s wave of protests this fall each had unique catalysts. But many share a common root: deep and growing discontent with democracy.

An incomplete democratic revolution has wisely focused on talks to end armed movements to unite Africa’s third-largest country.

Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren both think the filibuster gets in the way of their parties’ priorities.

Mass protests surrounded government headquarters on Wednesday, as residents continued to fight a bill intensifying concerns over Beijing’s influence. 

European elections this week are expected to see a variety of Europhobic parties pick up around one-third of the EU parliament’s seats.