Have you considered lately the importance of every decision you make every day? What does the Bible say about the proper way of making decisions? How can you be sure the choices you make are the best ones for your life? Bible Gateway interviewed Alan Ehler (@alanehler) about his book, How to Make Big Decisions Wisely: A Biblical and Scientific Guide to Healthier Habits, Less Stress, A Better Career, and Much More (Zondervan, 2020). How granular should people be intentional about the decisions they make every day? Alan Ehler: My research discovered that our brains make millions of decisions a…

Adam Cohen asserts that rulings on everything from election law and education to corporate law and crime have contributed to growing inequality.

With the need to decide the future relationship of the United Kingdom and the European Union extended for at least several more months, today’s contributor shares how she has been praying in response to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

I believe your small town church can grow; I believe this because I’m living it. The small town church where I serve as Executive Pastor will turn 12 years old this year. In those 12 years we’ve experienced incredible growth in many different areas. We’ve seen hundreds of people experience salvation and take their next step through baptism. We’ve seen our giving increase tenfold. And we saw our average weekend attendance top 700 people, in a one stop light town with a population of 2,200. I believe small town pastors have amazing opportunities to do big things in their communities….