China and 14 other countries agreed Sunday to set up the world’s largest free-trade bloc, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership or RCEP.

Catch me up on the weekend news: Major oil deal cuts production and promises stability, Europe starts to reopen, the many approaches to Easter.

There are time-proven ways to help children in scary times. Did it seem a little odd to you, too? When we first heard the advice of public health officials about how to stop the spread of COVID-19, did you think, That’s it? Really? Wash our hands? Don’t touch our faces? Social distance? It was hard to believe the initial strategic global plan was found in our bathroom sinks! You may feel the advice I’m going to give about helping children deal with this season of global panic sounds a little like the spiritual equivalent of “Wash your hands!” But it’s…

Afghanistan’s people are holding on to their hopes for peace, even as the details of the U.S.-Taliban deal require they do so with abundant caution.

A trade war between the world’s largest and second largest economies has been a drag on global growth. President Trump may have reached the limit of what tariffs can achieve in forcing change on China.

Prime Minister Netanyahu campaigned hard against the Iran nuclear deal. Now it’s gone, and Israel’s options are limited. Is this what he wanted?

Tensions between the U.S. and Iran have put renewed focus on what remains of the nuclear deal – and what, if anything, might ultimately replace it.

British and U.S. trade officials met in Washington last week, as Britain sweats the risks of a “no deal Brexit” that undercuts its trade with Europe.

Israel and Jordan are disappointed with a Russian security deal that hasn’t stopped Hezbollah from entrenching itself in southern Syria.

Iran announced June 17 it would exceed the limit, its first major breach of the deal. European leaders have met to find ways to save the deal, with U.S.-Iran tensions mounting and Iran threatening to enrich closer to weapons-grade levels.

A year after the U.S. withdrew from the multilateral Iran nuclear deal, it’s under increased pressure. How close is it to unraveling?

We have an obligation as leaders to have a plan in place to resolve conflicts in the healthiest way possible. Conflict is inevitable. Even in a healthy marriage, family and church. Like healthy marriages and families, healthy churches don’t avoid conflict, but they deal with it well. I’ve been in pastoral ministry for more than 35 years. In the early days, I dealt with more conflict than in recent years. Not because the early churches were bad, but because I didn’t know how to deal with conflict as well as I do today. Unfortunately, I learned how to deal with…

“To be controlled by human nature results in death; to be controlled by the Spirit results in life and peace. . . . Those who obey their human nature cannot please God” Romans 8:6, 8 (GNT) Learning to manage your emotions is the key to peace of mind. I want to share with you four important reasons from God’s Word why you need to learn to deal with what you feel. Learn to manage your emotions because they are often unreliable. Your gut is often wrong. Your intuition is often flawed. Your emotions often lead you down a blind alley….