Tens of thousands of Afghan evacuees are coming to the US without special status or government funding for resettlement, putting more responsibility on Christian donors and volunteers. Eileen Wilson pulled up to work at the Hope Center for refugees and immigrants in Cleveland, only to find Afghan families from the surrounding area and beyond standing in line at its entrance and waiting in cars in the parking lot. Some had driven hours, even from out of state. The crowds were a spillover from an emergency legal clinic held earlier that week in partnership with Catholic Charities. They were there to…

Ethiopia says it’s engaged in an internal police action with rebellious Tigrayans. Yet its role in the Horn of Africa means a lot more is on the line.

About half of all auto workers are expected to return to factories next week, which have been shuttered since mid-March due to the pandemic. The cautious reopening sends optimism to other major industries weathering the job crisis.

Growing hunger in wealthy nations doesn’t compare to the famine expected in the developing world. This is not a Chicken Little moment, the U.N. warns.

Coronavirus isn’t the first global emergency the U.S. has faced while wrestling with deep internal divisions. Wartime has taught us to band together.

Many corporations are boosting pay or health protections for workers in the pandemic – or are facing criticism if they don’t.

The coronavirus pandemic has created a unique economic crash. Yet past crises provide important perspectives on uncertainty, adaptability, and change.

With the majority of Americans confined to their homes, thousands stricken by COVID-19, and Bibles an increasingly sought-after resource, Tyndale and Zondervan have released two new editions of the Life Application Study Bible, Third Edition, (Tyndale House/Zondervan, 2019): Large Print and Personal Size. [Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, A Museum of the Bible Launch for the Third Edition of the Life Application Study Bible] “In times of uncertainty and fear, people are turning to God and finding help in God’s Word,” says Jim Jewell, Tyndale communications director. “Having the #1 study Bible in large print and a personal size…

Oil prices actually turned negative briefly in the U.S. this week, a historic first. Benchmark Brent crude oil traded around $21.92 per barrel Friday.

Oil prices actually turned negative briefly in the U.S. this week, a historic first. Benchmark Brent crude oil traded around $21.92 per barrel Friday.

Churches have had to pivot hard and shift in a direction they weren’t going. We are now a number of weeks into the COVID-19 crisis here in the United States. For the most part, many churches and believers have entered into a new normal, at least for the time being, as we ride the turbulent wave of the virus and the damage it inflicts personally, socially, culturally, and spiritually. Here at the Billy Graham Center we work hard to be a hub for convening, training, and resourcing churches for greater gospel impact. Since the beginning of this crisis, we have…

California has begun an unprecedented effort to shelter more homeless people exposed to the coronavirus. The plan could yield long-term solutions.

Companies known for their ethical policies are faring better in a virus-stricken stock market. The crisis is rewarding good behavior.

A record 3.3 million workers filed unemployment claims last week. Here are the people confronting the coronavirus downturn.

Working parents’ balancing act has been made more challenging, but also more visible, by the COVID-19 crisis. Could it lead to lasting change?

In order to rein in the coronavirus pandemic, the United States is steering into a recession. That makes the current economic crisis very different.

At heart, the coronavirus pandemic has profoundly tested America’s multitiered system of governance, surfacing different models of leadership.

This is the ninety-seventh lesson in author and pastor Mel Lawrenz’ How to Live the Bible series. If you know someone or a group who would like to follow along on this journey through Scripture, they can get more info and sign up to receive these essays via email here. Mel Lawrenz will be offering daily online ministry during this health crisis. Sign up here. Once in a great while our lives change dramatically all at once and on short notice. That is where we live now. For many of us it was just days ago we suddenly realized that…

Disruption is now the daily theme of our workplaces, campuses, homes, and even our inner world. In the middle of the night, just hours after the University of Michigan decided to cancel all classes due to the coronavirus, I showed up at my son’s fraternity house to move him back home. The streets were empty and those who were shuffling around did so with determination, like they were each on a mission. Many of them, my son included, were trying to say goodbye to years’ worth of friendships in a few hours, not knowing when or if they’d see one…

Government officials have urged prudence, not panic, but too often media reports don’t equip readers with the context needed to stay calm.