Amid a coronavirus spike, a dichotomy among rural states stands out. Some have the worst infection rates, yet Vermont is a leader in containment.

The pandemic has created new desperation for some, and deepened existing inequality for others. In Queens, neighbors rush to each other’s aid.

The World Health Organization on Sunday reported the largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases. The Americas were hardest hit.

Midwives have seen an increase in requests for home births, as hospitals continue to grapple with the coronavirus.

What does the future of the COVID-19 pandemic look like? This comic shows how it depends on the model – and how people respond to it.

Beth Vice offers ten helpful practices to help you pass the time during lock down.

Brave health care workers, strong family bonds, a flood of support and prayer: Staff writer Peter Ford shares how all helped him heal from COVID-19.

Despite failures, Spirit-filled theology can show us how to respond to the pandemic. It’s not exactly a secret: Many Pentecostals have responded to the current pandemic in ways that are both bizarre and troubling. These responses have overshadowed the sanity and generosity of many faithful, Spirit-filled Christians and reinforced the idea that Pentecostal theology is cheap and silly. This is unfortunate because Pentecostalism has many gifts to give. At its best, it is mystical and prophetic and teaches us to live deeply prayerful lives. Pentecostal theology teaches us that ministry must begin and end in prayer. It teaches us we…

Discerning leaders should be wise to recognize the growing need to confront conspiracies in their midst and to equip believers to engage loved ones and friends who have come to believe some of the fake news flying around. One of the clearest memories from my time in school was learning of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Although it was a fascinating story, what remains indelible was my father later grinning and saying that was only the “official” story. In reality, Kennedy was killed by the CIA. Although my dad was only joking, I was completely sold. Being told that…

States are forming regional partnerships to ensure the steps they take toward reopening are responsible, coordinated, and in some cases, bipartisan.

Recent coronavirus lockdown protests are fueled by Americans who think their governments should trust citizens more, even in a pandemic.

Wildfire ravaged Paradise, California, in 2018. The resilience of residents in the aftermath is helping them cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Kumpulan doa dan renungan untuk membantu umat Kristen untuk memberikan respon yang benar terhadap pandemi COVID-19. Ini adalah kumpulan artikel CT, yang diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia, tentang coronavirus dan peran Gereja dalam menghadapi tantangan ini: Continue reading…

The coronavirus pandemic is not conducive to conventional mass protests. So social action groups are redirecting their energies. For now.

Small firms face an unprecedented broad plunge in revenue amid efforts to contain the coronavirus. An up-close view from one street in Massachusetts.

Tens of thousands have clicked to pray for salvation since the outbreak. Is the increase temporary or a harbinger of greater gospel witness online? Millions of worried people who have turned to Google with their anxiety over COVID-19 have ended up connecting with Christian evangelists in their search results—leading to a spike in online conversions in March. In the Philippines, a woman named Grace found herself on a website about coronavirus fear hosted by the internet evangelism organization Global Media Outreach (GMO). “Please help me not to worry about everything,” she wrote in a chat with a volunteer counselor. “What’s…

As COVID-19 spreads, dozens of Protestant converts are still denied access to clean water in Catholic-controlled villages in four states. While many people around the world are reaching for soap, water, and antibacterial hand gel to prevent the transmission of the new coronavirus, Angelina does not have that luxury. Her family and a neighboring family had their access to water and sewage services cut off by local authorities in January 2019. Fifteen months later, they still have no access. All in an attempt to force them to renounce their Protestant faith. As of April 2, Mexico had reported more than…

Media outlets are grappling with how to cover the president’s coronavirus briefings, which mix valuable information with inaccurate assertions.

Who has a better model for confronting the novel coronavirus, the US or China? Big power competition has not ended with a global pandemic.

Germany’s Chancellor Angel Merkel gave a rare televised national address: the tone was calm, reasoning, and created a message that inspired.

In order to rein in the coronavirus pandemic, the United States is steering into a recession. That makes the current economic crisis very different.