The Justice Department is suing Google over its dominance in search. Hearings in Congress are looking at alleged media bias, among other concerns.

In January, 32 or more Republican women will be heading to Congress. Of eight House seats that Republicans flipped, six will be held by women.

Churches, charities, and other non-profits face declining donations and rising demand. As churches and faith-based nonprofits brace for a painful drop in contributions, Christians are lobbying for Congress to incentivize charitable giving in its response to the spread of COVID-19. Lawmakers spent Saturday negotiating the $1 trillion-plus relief package. The current Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, proposes offering stimulus checks, relief for small businesses, and some changes to charitable giving. The bill would allow taxpayers to claim a charitable deduction for up to $300 without itemizing. But some from the faith community are speaking up to say…

After the war scare with Iran, lawmakers can show more leadership in directing a president on war powers.

An under-the-radar select committee recommends practical changes that can improve the way government work.

Congress has failed to pass substantive gun-control laws in the past, but cross-party support for ‘red flag’ laws suggest this year may be different.

Francine Kiefer explains the key to how she lasted for five years covering Congress: You must seek out the humanity in others.

William Barr’s refusal to testify before Congress exposes a tension between legislative and executive branches that has been going on for some time.