Board continues to support leadership at the ECC school after concerns come up around recent firings and retention for students of color. Faculty at North Park University voted no confidence in the school’s president, saying she created a hostile environment for students and faculty of color. The 55–26 vote last week took aim at President Mary Surridge, who has led the Chicago evangelical school since 2018. In an accompanying document, the university’s faculty senate detailed “a toxic climate for students, faculty, and staff,” especially those of color. Specifically, the document took issue with a failure to hire and retain racially…

Headed to UN meeting in Glasgow, creation care advocates talk about what churches can do and what they are doing. Rachel Mander’s walk to Glasgow began with the Bible. An evangelical from Sheffield, England, she had long been convinced of the connection between loving God and loving her neighbor. But when she was 19 or 20, she also saw the connection between loving her neighbor and caring for creation. Then she couldn’t stop seeing it. “It’s like looking for angels in the Bible,” she said. “You don’t notice how many there are until you actually look and then you see…

Letters to the editor for the March 9, 2020 weekly magazine. Readers discuss anthropogenic climate change and Melinda Gates.

Scripture Union evacuates beach teams, Hillsong raises money, and A Rocha explores the biblical response to the blaze. Every summer, hundreds of young Australians devote two weeks to running Christian programs for families and youth on the beaches of New South Wales and Victoria. But cataclysmic fires in southeastern Australia have interrupted the efforts of Scripture Union teams in the nation’s most populous states. Scripture Union has served in the Victoria beach town of Mallacoota for more than 30 years. But when teams showed up to the vacation town this year, the winds changed and the fires began immediately threatening…

For the U.N., an organization synonymous with multilateralism, inaction on the climate crisis is not an option. That poses a challenge.

Protestors marched in thousands of cities and towns Friday in a youth-led movement to demand government action on climate change.

With the Amazon on fire, the EU is testing new tactics to foment environmental action – especially via the use of its massive trade clout.

With the Amazon on fire, the EU is testing new tactics to foment environmental action – especially via the use of its massive trade clout.

More people are experiencing what some researchers call “ecological grief,” whether or not they believe climate change is caused by humans.

One reader wrote in about melting glaciers, with hopes that they will be a call to action. Another has questions about climate change.

Andrea Wulf and Lillian Melcher’s “The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt” follows a prescient naturalist’s voyages in South America.

Simon Montlake’s cover story speaks to the fundamental tension in the wider debate about global warming: How do we handle uncertainty?