Lessons I’ve learned in praying for and working with the Chinese church. Last week, a friend asked me to meet for coffee. She is a young mother, and after seeing the now-world-famous image of a young Afghani mother handing away her baby over a barbed wire fence to an American soldier, my friend found herself struggling to emotionally grapple with what she had seen. Though she has been praying consistently for the situation in Afghanistan, as the image continued to loop through her mind. She wanted advice regarding how to be concerned for the suffering church without succumbing to the…

A resounding majority in Taiwan oppose a “one country, two systems” formula for relations with China, à la Hong Kong. But how do they walk that path?

While the EU and NATO have laid accusations of coronavirus disinformation campaigns against several nations, evidence is strongest against China.

Coronavirus is only the most recent of several outbreaks that have originated in China. Why is that, and how is Beijing responding?

With a police shooting in Hong Kong and a parade in Beijing of offensive weapons, China needs a return to its ancient ideas about power and pluralism.

A new antitrust probe of Google symbolizes rising scrutiny of tech-industry giants. But some economists caution that tech policy needs a larger focus.

Nanfu Wang began “One Child Nation” as a way to rediscover her past. Ultimately, she documents the harrowing effects of the former Chinese policy.