Christian health workers and pastors navigate stigma at Apostolic, evangelical, and Methodist congregations. Yvonne Binda stands in front of the congregation, all dressed in pristine white robes, and tells them not to believe what they’ve heard about COVID-19 vaccines. “The vaccine is not linked to Satanism,” she says. The worshipers, members of a Christian Apostolic church in Zimbabwe, are unmoved. But when Binda, a vaccine campaigner and member of an Apostolic church herself, promises them soap, buckets, and masks, there are enthusiastic shouts of “Amen!” Apostolic groups that infuse traditional beliefs into Pentecostal doctrine are among the most skeptical in…

The alliance of the world’s leading Bible translation organizations, called illumiNations (@illumiNations), is launching an ambitious Bible translation fund raising campaign to make Scripture available in every language in the next 12 years. [Read the Bible in multiple languages on Bible Gateway] The “I Want to Know” campaign asks people to sponsor the translation of one or more Bible verses in partnership with one of the 3,800 language communities worldwide that don’t yet have a complete Bible. More than 2,000 of those languages don’t have a single verse of Scripture yet. [Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, A Day in…

In Pennsylvania and other key states, the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits alleging a variety of ballot-related infractions.

Speaking in Oklahoma Saturday, President Trump sought to define the election as a choice between national heritage and left-wing radicalism.

The former vice president’s Super Tuesday victories have given him a lead in the delegate count and make him the frontrunner once again.

Michael Bloomberg found loopholes around Facebook’s political ad bans to promote his presidential campaign on social media. In response, Facebook has redefined its political ad policy. But what’s the difference between an ad and “branded content”?

Rep. Tom Emmer’s competitive spirit was on full display as he discussed with reporters the GOP strategy for retaking the House next year.

Guatemala voted Sunday, after a campaign season in which five of more than 20 candidates were disqualified. A final election is expected in August.