In Xiaolu Guo’s novel “A Lover’s Discourse” two people of different backgrounds are drawn together as Britain moves to isolate itself from Europe.

Some EU citizens have been living in and calling the U.K. home for decades but wonder what will happen to their residency after Jan. 31, 2020.

Survey finds very few respond to #PrayFor… hashtag campaigns. The Bible repeatedly teaches the value of regular prayer. “Pray continually,” Paul tells the church in Thessalonica. Pray “in every situation,” he advises the church in Philippi. And to the church in Colossi he says, “Devote yourselves to prayer.” The message is largely lost in Great Britain, however, where nearly 3 in 5 adults (57%) now say they never pray, up from 49 percent in 2017. According to a new Savanta ComRes survey sponsored by Premier Christian News, 12 percent of British adults say they pray at least once a day….

In suspending Parliament, a prime minister plays hardball while Brexit’s opponents play for time after losing a referendum. Both need a change of course to save their democracy.

Even as Brexit looms, tensions in the Gulf have highlighted the limits of Britain’s strength without international allies.

The European Union stood together in Brexit negotiations. Can that unity help it find a way through future internal arguments?