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An Analysis of the 2021 Annual SBC Gathering

The election was a fork in the road, rejecting a hard right turn and embracing a multiethnic future.

In one of his more famous "Yogi-isms," Yogi Berra once quipped, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it." Southern Baptists came to such a fork this week, and with respect to Berra, they took the fork that mattered most.

Some thought the convention was like a building wired for demolition, on the verge of imploding this year. Instead, this year proved to be refreshing as it confirmed the more hopeful direction the SBC has been heading in recent years. People showed up and they made a difference.

While social media bouts were on display prior to the convention—building up the hype and drama much like a promoter for a premier boxing match—many saw the writing on Twitter as the writing on the wall for Southern Baptists.

This was the year of the SBC’s demise.

However, as I left the convention and took some time to debrief and analyze what took place, I believe the path for the SBC is one of a more hopeful and fruitful future. Here are reasons I believe this.

The election was a fork in the road.

The election was a fork in the road for several reasons:

1) It represents an approach from the posture of faith over the peddling of fear.

Overall, the election of Ed Litton, and most of the decisions at the convention, showed that Southern Baptists can face the challenges of our time in ways that are both biblical and wise—not to mention in ways that are missionally engaging without assimilating to the greater culture.

CRT has been a topic garnering heated debate among Southern Baptists. But the reality is, many have used fear tactics, lumping important discussions about race with CRT—and thus making it the proverbial bogeyman.

The election of Ed Litton is important. He has been calling for …

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